Is "Create an actor filter page" sample code is correct?


I was following the "Create an actor filter" documentation and there is a sample code implementation, When I look at the javadoc, I cannot find the getParentProcessInstanceId() from EngineExecutionContext. Is this renamed to getRootProcessInstanceId()?

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Let's imagine you have a process "Europe"

in this process, you have a call activity to the process "France"

And then, in the process France, a call activity to the process "Grenoble".

In a task in the process Grenoble:

* the getProcessInstanceId() return the processID in the process Grenoble

* the ParentProcessInstanceId() is the processinstanceID in the process France

* the RootProcessInstanceId() is the processinstanceID in the process Europe (this is the case ID the user see)

You can use LongBoard ( to understand and see the different processnstanceid

If you need to access the ParentProcessid, then you have to use the ProcessAPI (hum, saying that, I don't see the way to access the Parent in ProcessAPI - search or a containerId)

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