Created an app following the Getting Started Tutorial, doesn't work


Hello, I completed the getting started tutorial and decided to create my own app. I recreated each and every step of the tutorial when creating my own app. Unfortunately the create a new travel request button equivalent just leads to a blank page. I tried recreating the app from scratch twice, yet it still doesn't work.

My button URL: "/bonita/portal/resource/process/Zamowienie/1.0/content/?id="+processDef[0].id
External API name: processDef Value: ../API/bpm/process?p=0&c=1&f=name=Zamowienie

Zamowienie is the name of my pool. Can someone please help me?


Submitted by antoine.mottier on Mon, 06/17/2019 - 09:33

Using the developer tools of your web browser, in the "network" tab can you verify the content of the API call (the process definition information should be provided as JSON) and also the URL called when clicking on the button?

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name pool with two words. For example Zamowienie Test
then use link URL : "/bonita/portal/resource/process/Zamowienie%20Test/1.0/content/?id="+processDef[0].id
variable processDef External API type : ../API/bpm/process?p=0&c=1&f=name=Zamowienie%20Test

It should work like this