creating widgets dynamically


Hello world!

I'm trying to generate some widgets dynamically on a form, this is the brief:

  • I have a set of 3 forms, in the first one i have a select widget that allows the third form generate an specific amount of widgets
  • On the third form, i have a file widget that, depending on the previous select widget value, generates a query on a database that retrieves the amount of widgets that will be created

Everything works fine the first time the select widget takes a value, but if i go back from form 3 to 1, changes the value of the select widget and then go back to the form 3, the amount of widgets doesn't refresh

Is there any way for doing this?

Im using Bonita SP 6.3.8

Thanks for the help!

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This is maybe due to the caching of the pages... This could explain why it works the fist time, and not when you come back. You should make some investigation on that sense. Eventually to refresh/reset the initial pages.

Best regards, LL.