CRUD Tutorial in Bonitasoft


Hello, does bonitasoft provides a complete tutorial or sample project of Create, Update and "Delete" into a one application? Please let me know if anyone has the tutorial or sample project of it. I am very thankful if someone willing to give me a tutorial. This is my first time using BPM, im still learning on this. Lately what i have found in Youtube, bonita mostly are focused on** Customer Review, Interview, Podcast, Webinars and so on**, Very less tutorial.There are a lot of things that should be covered such login, register user, session, create, update, edit, delete, and so on. Don't simply just put everything into a one lengthy full hours video. Make it one by one video. So, It would be easier for people to search and find out. I hope bonita listen to this and respond my question.

Thank you!

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