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In BonitaSoft site, in the section that explains about authentication services ( is mentioned as follows: "In Subscription editions, Also it is possible to write your own authentication service. ". Could you tell me where is the documentation on creating a custom service to environments beyond those presented in the documentation (JAAS, LDAP, OAuth, CAS ...)?

Let's suppose that I want to authenticate with data from a text file. What steps should I follow? What are the required classes? Where to save the .jar created?

Environment:                 * BOS release: 6.3.6-Subscription-BonitaBPM                 * Type of Environment: Development                 * SO: Linux                 * Java Version: Oracle JDK 1.7                 * Container / App server - JBoss 5.x

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This one is the BEST answer!

You should:

  • Create a new Java class that implement GenericAuthenticationService. You can refer to AuthenticationServiceImpl for a reference implementation.
  • Package it as a jar file
  • Include the jar file in bonita.war (or in your application server lib folder where Bonita webapp can reach it)
  • Edit the <BONITA_HOME>/server/tenants/<TENANT_ID>/conf/services/cfg-bonita-authentication-impl.xml file and refer to your class instead of org.bonitasoft.engine.authentication.impl.AuthenticationServiceImpl


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where should the .jar rest on a wildfly bundle?