Customizing the colour theme and logo of Portal (using Community edition ) to suit the look and feel of our organization?


Though, I have read a few posts on how to achieve this using Community Edition of Bonitasoft, yet I have not been very successful in committing the changes. Every time we re-login from within Bonita Studio, we get the original BonitaSoft theme.

Kindly direct me on how to proceed with this in the Community Edition of the software?


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This one is the BEST answer!

First things first there is Community and Subscription. These are the same thing, except for some exceptions that effect Enterprises rather than low-cost community/free services. LDAP for example should not be used for Free, nor should multi-processor/Load-Balancing services. These are not in community but are in subscription. Some things like Layout and Theme are also in Subscription and not Community but these just make it easier to customize for the enterprise and do not affect how the system actually works.

Note that I say Community and Subscription in the above because both come with a Studio (with in-built Portal) and Production Portal. They are effectively the same thing.

Production Studio (Community and Subscription) can be changed following these instructions:

From 7.3 Changing Colours

Following these instructions Production Portal will stay the colour you want, and the logo will be your logo every time.

Studio Portal (Community and Subscription) cannot be changed this way. This is because Studio Portal is effectively regenerated every time you shut down Studio and restart it. It is the way it is built.

You ask - Change and Recompile from source - Is there a way we can do this?

Yes, download the source, make your own changes and then compile it. The instructions are here:

By doing this you will effectively change the regeneration to have your colours in it every time.

It works, I've done it...hope this helps


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Submitted by megha on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 13:15

Thanks, Sean for the prompt and detailed reply to the comment.
What I was trying to do is to unpack and change the war file, but on making all these changes, nothing changed. Will rebooting the system work as mentioned in one of the comments here :/

Though I still have a doubt:
In order to test the system, we have deployed the Bonita Community Edition deploy bundle on to the server. So, if we were to change the look and feel of this deployed version, is it possible to do so with the instructions to be followed in case of Production Portal as you mention above. Is this the link you are talking about for changing the Production Portal??

Thanks a lot for all the guidance.


Submitted by Sean McP on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 23:00

Rebooting - no idea.

The link is correct yes for doing Production Portal, the text is repeated here:

To Customize Production Portal and is explained in various other posts, however here is the short version:

  1. Backup the Bonitasoft database
  2. Extract the two files Content.Zip and CSSContent.txt from the Bonitasoft database table Theme (these are BLOB columns (CONTENT and CSSCONTENT respectively))
  3. Make changes according to this post
  4. reZip Content.Zip correctly
  5. Import the two files Content.Zip and CSSContent.txt to the Bonitasoft database table Theme overwriting the previous data (CONTENT and CSSCONTENT columns respectively)

Hope this helps


Submitted by nele_1400416 on Tue, 05/28/2019 - 08:09

The link in this post points to "Page Not Found". Can anybody point me to the correct url please?


It is not possible to do this with studio unless you change and recompile from source.

It is the way the Studio is designed. The changes only affect and are permanent in "production" Portal but not for Studio Portal.


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Submitted by megha on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 10:07

Thank you for this reply.

However, if we wish to change the theme for our production portal using community edition of the software, is there a way that can be achieved?
Change and Recompile from source - Is there a way we can do this? So far, what we have tried is to make modifications to the skin/skin.config.less file to replace the Bonita logo with our own but since the tenant_id is generated dynamically everytime, the changes do not affect (as you explained)

Moreover, I want to understand what is the difference between the portal that is launched from the studio and the Production Portal.

Following one of the earlier posts in this issue, we took the bonita.war file and created a zipped folder for it. On uncompressing the folder, we made necessary changes to the bonita-console and bonita.css to modify the logo. Then, we recreated the .war file from within the uncompressed folder using the following command:
jar -cvf bonita.war *

We replaced the previous war with the changed war file, but the changes were not affected.
How do we recompile the code to affect the changes? Also, when we deploy Bonita on a hosting server, how will we export the changes to the deploy bundle?
This is a bit confusing when trying to do from Community edition, so some hints would definitely help us.

Appreciate all the guidance I can get in this regard.


Submitted by michel.rv on Tue, 06/06/2017 - 15:50


We are using the community version, 7.5, and we have exactly the same requirements (change logo and colors). This is how we solved the problem.

Maybe this will help ?