Delay process end/task end until interval



I have seen that one is able to start processes on a given schedule, but is it possible to make it so that a process can only end hourly, for example? So, if I have a simple process involving only 1 human task, when that task is completed, the process will only proceed to the end if it is the start of a new hour (exactly _:00). If the human task was completed at 5:50, I would like Bonita to wait until 6:00 to allow the process to end. If you can't do this with an entire process, can you do something like it for a task?


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This one is the BEST answer!

I have created the functionality I wanted by using a Timer with a script that gets the amount time until the next hour and returns that value as the delay duration for the timer. It seems to behave exactly how I want.