Delete a document not attached to a case


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We have a situation in our process where the users upload the documents through a custom widget to bonita server and have the option to remove it i.e. exclude from the process instantiation.

My question is, how does bonita handle when the documents are uploaded but not attached to a case. Because, we do not wish to store the documents on the server which are not attached to any case.

Raji Malla

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The documents in Bonita have to be attached to a case, you can't upload documents outside of a process. So I guess, you should be fine no? If a document is not pass along the instanciation of a case, this document won't be stored in the server.

Does that answer your question?



Submitted by rjrjswrdvi on Wed, 08/02/2017 - 03:37

Thanks for the confirmation that it won't be stored on the server if not attached to a case. That's all I needed to know.