Delete line in BDM from my diagram.


Hello community,

Please anyone can help me with deleting a line in the BDM from my diagram?

In my use case, i add a line, i modified a line also, but i didn't find the way to delete something.

For example in my BDM i have a table "Student" with two columns: Name and last name. and there is 2 lines in this table: James BOND and Will SMITH. In this point i want to delete WILL SMITH (not from the browser but from my diagram).

Please anyone can help me in this point.

Thank you :)

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To remove data from BDM you have to use the Delete operator on an operation.

The left operand must be a business variable containing the data to remove, a Student in your case. You can switch the operator of an operation by clicking on the link.

However, depending on your use case, it can be a bad practice to delete user from database. It is often safer to just disable them with an 'active' or 'disabled' boolean attribute on your object and filter your queries using this attribute.