Displaying a Report in a form in my Bonita Application


My objective is to create a report using JasperSoft and show it in a form (in my Bonita Application)

This is the procedure I followed.

  1. Created a report in JasperSoft (a jrxml file) and stored it in a document variable
  2. Created a Connector (Reporting) and referred the jrxml file in it
  3. Stored the output of Connector in another "Document" variable

Now I want to show this in a form. One way I've figured out is to show it in an "iFrame"

But Im unable to configure the widget as it is asking for a "URL"

So, my 2 questions would be

  1. What are the various ways to show reports in Forms ?
  2. If iFrame is one way, how to configure the URL part ?
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One option requires a separate Jasper server which would provide a URL to your report. This URL would be the one configured in your iFrame.

Regarding your first proposal, it might be possible. There is a servlet in the product called formsDocumentDownload (referenced in the bonita.xml of the bonita.war). It is used by Files Widgets to provide a download link to documents. You might be able to use it in your iframe URL. You could also try a pdf viewer in your form in that case.

Cheers, Francois