Displaying Slave data in table after initialisation



I am new to bonita, and would like to have your help regarding a problem i'm facing.

here is my situation :

- I have an Evaluation object, that contains an attribute that is multiple (sub-list) named TopicEvaluation

- the TopicEvaluation class has 3 attributes : Topic - grade1 - grade2

on the initialization of the pool variable "evaluation" i am creating an instance of each TopicEvaluation and linking it to the evaluation (so if i have 5 types of TopicEvaluation in the DB, i am creating 5 instances of TopicEvaluation and linking them to the evaluation)

def selfEvaluationVar = new Evaluation()
List list = topicDAO.getAll(0, 100);

for(int i=0 ; i < list.size(); i++){
TopicEvaluation newTE = new TopicEvaluation();
return selfEvaluationVar;

when i run this code, the topics are well created in the DB. But when the data is displayed in the GUI, the count of the elements is correct, but none of it's variables are shown (they are null).

in the GUI this is how i get the list of EvaluationTopic : (evaluation being the pool variable of type Evaluation)


can you please help or redirect me to a solution?

No answers yet.