Dynamic Task Routing



I am using Bonita Subscription 7.3.0.

Has anyone developed a strategy for dynamic routing to tasks within a process. For example if there was a mistake on Step One or Step Two of the process workflow, is there a way to restart or return to either of those tasks at Step Three without closing the process instance down?

I am looking for a clean and simple way to enable a user to go back in the workflow and make corrections or changes as needed.

Using message tasks, only one target step can be set. I need to be able to change the target step as requested by the user.


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This one is the BEST answer!

Yes we've done it in 6 and it still works in 7, it's not easy but it is possible.

It's all about how you design it and I can't remember the details, but it used a lot of process variables and flags to say where we are, where we started and where we came from

We also go back one step - two step - three step the user decides by clicking a button for each.

NOTE: if can go back to different steps, but we always go forward one at a time...

So 5 step process

Step 5 has buttons for return to S1, S2, S3 and S4

If we go back to S1, then we have to go through S2, S3 and S4 again because changing S1 may affect S2, S3 etc.

If we go back to S2, then we have to go through S3 and S4 again because changing S2 may affect S3 etc.