editable grid or table error



I want to migrate from 5.10 to 6.x, and i have a problem with data in table or editable grid, when i use a groovy script expression.

A return type expect a List. (java.utils.list)

It's a simple script returning a list, but it doesn't work...

List<List<String>> output = new ArrayList<List<String>>();



In 5.x all works correctly...

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Hi Lighting,

Can you give some more details about your error :

- the version 6.x you use to import

- is it an error during the migration ? the validation of the process ? While running it ?

- Does your table / editable grid has row or column header defined ?

I created a simple process with a table with the groovy script you mentioned with a 5.10 Studio. I imported it in a 6.0.0 and a 6.1.0 version and it works fine.

If you have a 5.10 bar file example that could be very useful to reproduce and correct if necessary.