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We are trying to impose "Ready To Use" password policy provided by Bonita ( http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/enforce-password-policy). Below is the content of 'security-config.properties' file & we have restarted the Bonita application, still new password policy is not getting enforced. Any pointer what is missing ??


It declares a Password Validator class, the default value can be changed according to your needs

security.password.validator org.bonitasoft.web.rest.server.api.organization.password.validator.RobustnessPasswordValidator

Setting this value to false will deactivate the permissions checks on the REST API

security.rest.api.authorizations.check.enabled true

Set this value to true to reload the properties files and groovy classes every time they change (you sill need to logout and login if you add new custom permissions to a user)

security.rest.api.authorizations.check.debug false


Regards Subhadeep

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