Execution Sequence - Connectors in Initialization???


According to Execution Sequence and States there is only one place Initialization Connectors execute (Step 11)

Process instantiation form interaction

  1. The Portal displays the form to the user.
  2. The user enters data in the form.
  3. The button of the form having the Start process action in the UI designer send a POST request with the form data to start the process.
  4. The submitted data are validated against the process instantiation contract.
  5. If the contract is valid the process instance is created and input values are persisted in database.
  6. Process data instances are created and initialized in the order of declaration using
    An operation declared on the process that saves its value to the process data
    The initial value expression if no operation is declared
    null if no expression or operation is defined
  7. SP only The Engine creates and initializes search indexes.
  8. The Engine creates and initializes business data.
  9. The Engine initializes process instance Documents with default value coming from the definition or with submitted files.
  10. Operations (that does not initialize data) are executed.
  11. Completing the instantiation The Engine instantiates and executes the "on enter" connectors (evaluate input expression, execute, evaluate output operation). This an asynchronous operation. Execution duration of a connector is limited to a maximum of 5 minutes by default.
  12. The process is instantiated, the API call finish and the Engine executes the process flow asynchronously.

This is wrong by normal standards:

Shouldn't the Connector In be executed before the form is displayed, to facilitate initialization of the Initialization Form, and the Connector Out be executed after (as in step 11)

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