Expected Input Issue


I'm fairly new to Bonita, and I'm looking for a little assistance getting past this error:

"Error while validating expected inputs
Expected input [name] is missing
Expected input [issue] is missing"

I'm not using any Business Data Objects, my requirements utilize an in-house WebAPI which will be handling all the data. We would like to use Bonita for their forms and workflow mostly.

For my test setup I just have a single Human Step, with a contract, a form, operations, and an outbound connector.

The contract:
name TEXT
issue TEXT

The form:
Text Fields - Name = data.name, Issue = data.issue
formOutput = return { "name": $data.name, "issue": $data.issue};

local variable "input_name" from contract "name"
local variable "input_issue" from contract "issue"

Outbound Connector:
* this is where I've had the most confusion with the payload

First attempt:
{ "Name": ${input_name}, "Issue": ${input_issue} }
And when I hit the test button just fives an error: "Unsupported expression type for testing, input parameter 'body' uses an unreachable expression.

Second Attempt:
{ "Name": $data.input_name, "Issue": $data.input_issue }
For this the test worked correctly and hit my endpoint, but I'm not sure it will pass in the data when I make it that far.

There isn't any documentation I've found for using the REST Connector, so I'm making it up as I go, but because of the error at the top, I'm pretty sure it hasn't made it this far in the process yet.

Thanks for your assistance!

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