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Hello everyone,
As we can view the details of archived case(After completion of the process) by logging in as Administrator...I need some help to find is there any way to Export those details in documented format or something.

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Hi Laxmikant,

You have no archived case export feature out-of-the-box in Bonita Portal administration console. Nevertheless, you have 2 ways to retrieve the archived cases details :

1.Using REST API calls

Bonita portal uses REST API as explained in the documentation ( REST API overview ) You can check with your browser console the calls made to your archived case page. They refer to bpm API/archivedCase call, where you will get information like archivedDate, end_date, id, processDefinitionId, started_by, etc. but will not display information about tasks. All details are also described in the documentation.

2.Using Bonita Engine API calls

As you need to get information from cases, you can also use java API calls. If you search ProcessAPI class (org.bonitasoft.engine.api) in JavaDoc, there are methods available to get the archived processes instances details (e.g. getArchivedProcessInstance, among others)

I hope my answer is helpful, otherwise feel free to add a comment.


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Hi Delphine,
Appreciate your response and yes the answer you gave is really helpful... and may be I'll get back to you if any further help is needed.

Thank you !!