Failed to get information in bdm and used it in operations.



I am getting the max value of a certain column in bdm table using custom query with parameter. Then I call the query using DAO and used it in the operations once the manager have approved the task. But when i run the task it always fails. I set the petCashNo to store a new series of pet cash no. Just want to create a petcash series number

This is my custom query

SELECT MAX(p.petCashNo)
FROM PettyCashHeader p
WHERE p.branch = :branch

Return of custom query is single

This is how i call my query in operations


The branch parameter is defined in the local variables


Please help. Thanks very much

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This one is the BEST answer!

I think this is not supported yet.

However I do believe there is also a bug as query1 (in my case) tells me that it needs two parameters and this is wrong, there should only be one.

This looks like a bug, I would open a report here, then report the number back here and I will support you in it.


PS: I realise this may not be the answer you are looking for but it's the best we can do for this type of error on the community forum, please mark as resolved so others don't have to reply.