Form to add a rows into BDM


Hi all,

I'm new at Bonita and I want to know if anybody has a .bos that has a form that insert rows into BDM. I want to use it as a template and put my BDM Variables only


Submitted by Dibyajit.Roy on Wed, 09/18/2019 - 21:23


The bonita studio will create the same for you.

Please see below steps
1) In your process, add a human task. Set the contract as complex type and add child elements of type strings, integer, etc. .Make sure to make the complex type as multiple.
2) Now to form section and click on the create form button(pencil icon)
3)Form is auto generated and form input and output is already set
4)For database insertion, create your contact by choosing the option as ADD FROM DATA.
This will also create the database insertion script.


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I recommend to take a look at the getting started tutorial that guide you through the creation of a process that store user information provided in a form in the BDM using contract and business variable default value.

You can also take a look at examples such as Procurement or Vacation management applications.