Get the name of the person who has completed a stage in the portal Bonita


Hi everyone,
I created a form for a vacation request, has several stages of decision and in some fields you need to provide the name of the person who completed the previous stage or revised in the portal Bonita, to be displayed in a field just reading in the next step. An example would be the default admin "Walter Bates' who would complete the task to review and be shown in the next step as the person who completed the previous task in read-only mode. As you might know someone do this?



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This one is the BEST answer!

This is really part of your process design, which you then have to save somewhere and then use in the following step.

We do this as follows:

Start task 1
Output operation get userID and save into BDM (where we want it)

Start task 2
use BDM to get the userID and then substitute with name, display...


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Thansk for your answer Seán, I will do so. Regards.