Get TaskInstance Id



Currently i'm working on a proof of concept for my work.
I want a user taskList to load all the refused "requests" from a user inside my page. I did this with the API:

This gives me a list with all the information that has been given in the forms.
When I click on a row in the table (tasklist), a Button appears which will allow me to change the given information. To go to the next step of the process, i give the URL:
"/bonita/portal/resource/taskInstance/Compensation%20Request/1.0/Update%20Request/content/?id=" id

Yet i can't seem to find how to get this ID.
Is there any way to request this id?

Thank you very much!


Submitted by sistemas_aplica... on Thu, 09/21/2017 - 14:19

hello, I am new in bonita but i have seeing something similar and i think you can try something like this:
- if is task:
'/bonita/bpm/process/processInstance/nameprocess/task/nametask?id=' + id
where nameprocess: your process, and nametask your task
- if is form:

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