Getting form name for an activity


I am integrating bonita engine API into my application.

Using Bonita 6.2.6, tomcat 8.0.26 and mysql 5.5, grails 2.4.2

The architecture is simple where the Bonita API is a service that gets called, Bonita schema is maintained as is, a domain mapping table has been created to join the workflow with domain object. The simplicity of design gets a +5 and that has been able to get me integrating without much ado.

The fact that a form is totally outside a workflow and that is only a means of getting user information pulled into the system is great.

I am trying to get a form name for a given activity instance, so that the same form from my application can be pulled up and shown to the user. The challenge is that there is no straight forward way to do that in the DesignProcessDefinition or any other API object that I have gone through.

Is there a simpler way to get the form name for an activity? If not what would be an appropriate path to follow so that I do not create a buggy system.

Appreciate your help.

No answers yet.