Getting variables from call activities using API REST (BOS 6.X)


Hello there

I have 2 process diagrams (MyDiagram1, MyDiagram2) connected by a call activity, i mapped a variable for each process, but i want retrieve/update the variable data from 2nd pool via API REST

I need it for call a DataBase connector inside the 2nd pool.

if i update the variable in the 1st pool, the 2nd takes the value and execute the connector like a charm, but now, i need to update the variable on the 2nd pool in order to execute the connector with new data

i've debugged my process a liltle bit (using the api REST and the UX), and i've noticed that each diagram is installed on the engine, but when i start a case (MyDiagram1) and pass through the call activity, the 2nd pool doesnt start a new one (as far as i see)

Any ideas?


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hi !.

i have the solution give me your mail address, and then, i will send you my tutorial , where i have much information about php ,curl and api rest .