Global ability to allow case visibility for all possible candidates of a task


Posing this question here to see if anyone else has run across this and come up with a solution.

We (University of Massachusetts) are building out many processes that are replacing older paper-based forms. Bonita is allowing us to dynamically determine routing paths for actors (E.g.: Department Chairpersons, College Deans, etc) with Actor filters that map to Groups. Currently, if a task is routed to a Dean approval group and one person in that group completes the task the rest of the people in that group cannot see the case or any information about it after it has completed (for example, the Dean approves it but wants their secretary to be able to see the Case overview page as well).

Bonitasoft Support suggested we write an event handler that will "push" permissions to all relevant users. Not sure how we can do that as the delivered permission handler checks for case access by looking to see if a person has completed a task.

Has anyone run across this use case and can possibly offer up some guidance? This is a big enough of a problem for us that we may have to look at other tool sets, I'm reasonably certain we asked if this was possible when in the sales process and were told it was...


Submitted by Pablo Alonso de... on Tue, 04/14/2020 - 12:26

Hi Robinson,

I have a few questions

  • In addition to the one that executed a task or created the case do you want that (choose) can see the case overview?
    1. any user that was candidate at any stage of the case or
    2. any user that was candidate at some given tasks of the case
  • Your definition of candidate covers (the ones will be able later to see the case overview):
    1. Actor filter or Actor Mapping, if there is no actor filter, I evaluate actor mapping
    2. Only the actor filter, if there is no actor filter, I do not evaluate actor mapping
  • Candidates can:
    1. Have same rights as a default involved user
    2. List cases and display case overview


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Hi Pablo,

Was able to figure out how to get this work with an event handler that fires whenever a task is ready or assigned that looks at all possible candidates and assigns/completes a dummy task. This allows everyone to natively access the Case's information, but does cause the case overview pages to look a little cluttered/messy.



It can do the job, but it will create as many dummy tasks as candidates, you can avoid displaying them on case overview if it helps.

In the other hand, definition of "being involved in a case" is something I would like to validate with you, if you agree.

Currently it is someone who has started the case or execute a task (or execute on behalf of someone).

You have a different definition and I would love if you could answer previous questions so we have this info in consideration for next platform evolutions...

Thanks in advance