Hide Items in Menu and display them based on Logged in User's group



My scenario is this.

I have 4 processes installed in the BPM portal. But these processes are related to one another.
2 of them are for users to raise requests and the remaining 2 of them are for Managers to raise requests.
But all the 4 processes are part of one Common Application.
I have provided 4 separate menu items in the Application link one for each process.
Here is my Problem,
when Manager logs in , he should see only the Menu for Manager related processes.
And when User logs in he should see the Menu Options for User related Processes.
But All the Menu links are there in the same App Page.
I just need to hide it based on users log in data.
Is there any way we can implement this ?
I really dont want to create separate Applications for both Users and Managers.


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