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Hello, Bonita noob here. I have a XOR gateway that decides the path a process will take using scripts as follows:

if an amount is less than 250,000 the task is forwarded to a certain level financial officer if ranging between 250k and 1m, it's sent to a higher level FO, if greater than 1 million, it's sent to the highest level FO.

This is done by comparing the value from the field invoice_amount in a form, to these values and storing the boolean result in a process variable (sadly, the transient variables are not available to use in the XOR paths :( )

Is this the right approach?

Also, once the form has been submitted, the business variables appear in a form of their own, as an extra step to be validated by the user. How can I prevent this?

Thank you for your help :)

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This one is the BEST answer!

Hi Jeremy

welcome, no need for the transient Boolean to do what you are asking as follows:

Create your first step then link three follow on steps with three transition lines. No gateway needed.

On the top transition line add a default condition field_Amount < 250,000.01

On the second transition line add a condition (field_Amount > 250,000.00 && field_Amount < 1,000,000.01)

and finally field_Amount > 1,000,000.00


As Yannick has said without creating any form on the following step the pool variables are automatically shown...just create a new form.

Hope that helps, regards


Hi. If all the variable appear in a automatic form, this is because you have a human task where you don't have created a custom form.