How to initilize a class in RestAPI Ext when Bonita server starts


I created a Rest API Extension to which we can use to schedule the task to run on define time with define interval.

The program I works fine as long as Bonita Server is running without any restart.

How can I update the JobStore in Bonita with my new Job and allow application to pick the job automatically when Bonita server restarts.

I used Quartz library within my Rest API and created a scheduler. But, I think in order to pick my new Job by Bonita when it restart, I need to use the Scheduler that is initiated by Bonita server.

I want to find a way to initialize a class in my REST API Ext when Bonita starts.

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Without knowing more about the use case, I would tend to use a Timer start event to trigger a case that would execute my code on a schedule.

Any specific reason you went down to the Rest API extension road?



Submitted by hirantha.ranasinghe on Fri, 06/02/2017 - 00:50

My actual use case is as follows;

We need to syn Bonita users with our LDAP users. For that, I developed a simple REST API Extension to sync Bonita based on LDAP users. There is a custom page developed to access this REST API. Using that custom page I can schedule this job by providing a cron string. This works fine as long as Bonita runs uninterruptedly. But when it restarts, I need to reschedule the job because it is not persist Job information and there is no way to initiate this when Bonita starts.

I am not using any processes here.

I hope above description helps you to understand my use case.