How to apply CSS globally across all forms in a application


As of now i'm adding a same CSS file for every form in a assets in widget but now i want to apply it globally across all forms. Is there any way to do same.(Means if i keep this CSS file in a one place in bonita from there it can affect to all forms in a workflow). Please help me.

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If you want to use the same style for all your pages and layout of your application, you can apply a theme.

A theme is imported as a zip archive containing a file and a resources folder. The resources folder must contain at least a CSS file named theme.css. If you want to have examples, just export theme examples from Bonita Portal (Resources menu)

More details in the official documentation.

Otherwise if you need to add a css file as an asset, it has to be added in the UI Designer.


Submitted by sablevishals_1383926 on Fri, 09/18/2020 - 11:39

Hi delphine,

Thanks for solution. I tried with above documentation and created one custom layout and added my global css in that but that global css is not getting called . can u please help me with this one why that CSS is not getting called.Thanks

Here is the link of same file i created custom layout

Submitted by romain.bioteau on Mon, 09/21/2020 - 17:46


It 's because the css of a layout cannot be passed to a page dynamically as pages/forms are loaded in an iframe. The only solution is to define your global css rules in the theme.css as Delphine said.