How best to deal with async BDM API data not showing up in custom widget controller?



I have a process instantiation form that uses a custom data table widget to present data to a user.

The table content is in a form-defined variable of type "external API", the API being /API/bdm/businessData/

The table column definitions, etc are also form-defined variables, they have been given fixed content.

When the process initiates the custom widget controller receives column definitions, etc. through the $ variables - except for the table content, derived from the external API call, which is undefined. The call is correct for I see the desired table row objects when I use a text widget for display of the BDM array of objects received through the API.

I can call the BDM API directly in the custom widget controller using $http.get but this seems it should be unnecessary. Is there a simpler way to get the information to the controller when it is called? The standard table widget does not seem to have any difficulty and I don't see any special handling (watchers, callbacks, etc) in its controller.

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Ok, after a fair bit of trial and error...

I wrapped the entirety of the controller code in a watch function like this:

function controller ($scope) {

var tableUpdates = [];
var newValue = [];
var tableRows = [];

// Wait for data from API call
$scope.$watch(function(scope) { return },
function(newValue, oldValue) {
tableRows = newValue;

// Then carry on doing stuff...

}); // end of watch function
} // end of controller

I also found that to get updates to $ variables, in this case the table updates, back to the page/form I needed to call the $scope.$apply() function like this:

        { text:   'Save and Quit Editor',
           init: function () {
           action: function (e, dt, node, config) {
               $ = tableUpdates;
               console.log('End and save updates',$;