How to build connector sources with maven ?



Excuse my newbiness with that tools, but I've just cloned a Connector from your github alibaba cavern and tried to build it with Maven as i was looking for a little bit of fun before I go home.

It seems i'm missing a fragment in my maven settings. May it be the repository fragment ?

What I get when i mvn install:install is

org.apache.maven.reactor.MavenExecutionException: Cannot find parent: org.bonitasoft.connectors:bonita-connectors for project: null:bonita-connector-ldap:pom:null for project null:bonita-connector-ldap:pom:null

As you can see I was trying to use the ldap connector, but if you could give a kickstart on how to get an efficient usage of the sources whatever the final purpose is I think it should be usefull, at least for me.

Thank you!



Submitted by aCordier on Tue, 12/17/2013 - 18:07

Following the documentation just works, thanks aurelien.pupier

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You can also have a look a the Build Script for Bonita BPM:

Sources are available on Bonitasoft's Community Github:

Depending of the connector you want to build, you will have to build different versions of Bonita-connectors. When you build a dependency, maven adds it to its local repository, and you don't have to rebuild it again.



you can take a lot to this documentation page
You will notice that you need to build bonita-connectors first.