How can I access the BPM H2 Database in Bonita Studio 7.10.0 (bonita_journal.db)?



It is very easy to access the BDM H2 Database through Bonita Studio: Development -> Business Data Model -> Browse data. When I was using Bonita Studio 7.8.2 to design processes, I discovered through this forum that you can read/open the bonita_journal.db file through the same H2 Console to view the underlying process/user/archive/etc tables. This is extremely helpful for debugging and understanding the way Bonita works.

I recently updated my Bonita Studio to version 7.10.0, and when I try to access bonita_journal.db, (located in the BonitaStudioSubscription-7.10.0\workspace\MyProjectName\h2_database), there are zero tables shown. My processes are deployed and working, so I'm not sure what the issue could be.



Submitted by delphine.coille... on Fri, 02/14/2020 - 11:24

Hi Romeo,

I can't reproduce your issue. When I go to Bonita Studio with Bonita Subscription 7.10.0, I click right on Business Data Model, select "Show in system explorer" and here is what I get:

File explorer

if I open the file I can see the tables.

Can you please try again and tell me what you get? Thanks

Submitted by rtumminelli_1394599 on Tue, 02/18/2020 - 20:57

Are you just opening the file by using it as your JDBC URL in the H2 Console (web browser)? This is how I used to do it. Maybe this is an issue with my setup somehow.

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Actually if you are talking about bonita_journal_db file, it is not possible to see it in Bonita Studio. Only the business_data_db file can be displayed with the H2 console there.

In order to access bonita_journal.db, I suggest you use DBeaver and connect to the embedded H2 database following the path :

[Path to Studio]/\MyProjectName/h2_database/bonita_journal.db;DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE;IGNORECASE=TRUE;AUTO_SERVER=TRUE;

with username sa and no password, as you can see on the screenshot below :

I hope it will help you.