How can I change the starting day on calendar from Datepicker


I began to use new UI Designer 7.0.2 and found out that the popup calendar view from Datepicker widget was more simplified and sophisticated. However, the starting day of calendar is "Monday" that is still fixed, and we can not change it to "Sunday". The starting day of calendar differ by nation and also displaying need of week numbers differ by nation.

The following properties are provided in datepickerConfig for Datepicker (ui.bootstrap.datepicker). 1. starting-day (Defaults: 0) : Starting day of the week from 0-6 (0=Sunday, ..., 6=Saturday). 2. show-weeks (Defaults: true) : Whether to display week numbers.

I think that the above Datepicker widget properties should be expanded and make it controllable for internationalization.

Additionally, if the following properties will be added, it is more helpful. 3. min-date (Default: null) : Defines the minimum available date. 4. max-date (Default: null) : Defines the maximum available date.

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