How can I print the LdapLoginModule log?


My expectation is to see the logging while a user tries to logging.

like this
[LdapLoginModule] authentication-first mode; SSL disabled
[LdapLoginModule] user provider: ldap://*****
[LdapLoginModule] attempting to authenticate user: *****
[LdapLoginModule] searching for entry belonging to user: *****
[LdapLoginModule] found entry: CN=*****,OU=*****,OU=*****,OU=*****,DC=*****,DC=*****
[LdapLoginModule] authentication succeeded
[LdapLoginModule] added LdapPrincipal "CN=*****,OU=*****,OU=*****,OU=*****,DC=*****,DC=*****" to Subject
[LdapLoginModule] added UserPrincipal "*****" to Subject

however, I can not see any login in server.log.
then I tried to modify the logging level in standalone.xml
however whenever I restart the server the configuration is overwritten back to the version before.
why? anyone can help me?

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