How to delete a Document in Bonita 6.x?



I cannot find any information on how to delete a Document from a process using Bonita 6.x API.

With Bonita 5.x we can do something like this: runtimeAPI.removeAttachment(processInstance.getUUID(), attachment.getName());

Do we have equivalent API in Bonita 6.x?



Submitted by ronak on Fri, 04/11/2014 - 20:06

Hi, Not available yet in V6. We will submit request.


Submitted by nsaintaubert on Fri, 03/06/2015 - 17:57

Is there news on that ? We also miss a new "overwiteDocument" function that would overwrites "inBonita" (to not say "inMemory" since it should obvioulsy be flush to disk) latest document version. Storage to url, cms should be delegated to user connectors. Here is a minimal interface that we are currently missing:

    /**create or add version to a document, return the new document**/
        public Document createDocument(String fileName, String MIME, byte[] content);
        public Document updateDocument(long documentId, String fileName, String MIME, byte[] content);
    /**overwrite latest version of a document or create it if does not exists, return the new document**/
        public Document overwiteDocument(long documentId, String fileName, String MIME, byte[] content);
    /**delete a document and all its version ...**/
        public void deleteDocument(long documentId);
    /**get document **/
        public Document getDocument(long documentId);
    /**attach document to a process through a docName**/
        public void attachDocument(long documentId, long processInstanceId, String docName);
        public void unAttachDocument(long processInstanceId, String docName);

A typical use case, is to have document - generated from an external SOAP service via MTOM - reflecting the state of a request, we might want have only one document (and surely the minimum count of versions of it, usually only one) to represent this state, thus requiring actualizing the document. The delete and overwrite function are required to avoid memory load ...

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