How to fetch the contracts and BDM operations for each task using REST API


Due to an unfortunate Incident, My work Laptop crashed and now I am unable to retrieve any Data.
It contained all my Development work related to Bonita BPM.

Now I have to recreate all the Processes.

I was wondering is there any way I can fetch all the details of all the tasks.
I am trying to fetch the contracts of each task and the BDM Operations defined for each task.

Is there any way to fetch that information using REST API calls.
Is that data defined in the Database. Could I find that info from Database.
Please suggest the query to do that.

Any ideas will be appreciated.


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Actually you can retrieve the design for a process by performing a GET request on: /API/bpm/process/:processId/design (see documentation and search on the page for "Retrieve the design for a process").

Another alternative would be to look directly at the Bonita Engine database content. First look at the "PROCESS_DEFINITION" table: find the process you are interested in and note the value of the "CONTENT_ID" column. Then go to the "BAR_RESOURCES" and filter on the "ID" column using the value of "CONTENT_ID". In the "CONTENT" column you should have the .bmpn file that you should be able to import in Bonita Studio. For the information about contracts, conditions... do the same kind of operation but with the "PROCESS_CONTENT" table.

I hope it will help you.


Submitted by Dibyajit.Roy on Mon, 05/06/2019 - 11:14

Will try it and see what i can retrieve.

Mostly I am interested in fetching the Data Insert scripts that we write in Operation section.
I had written custom groovy script to insert data to multiple tables in one operation section.