How to get a model's parent in the UI Designer?



I am working on a form and I need to load a model's parent. In theory I would be able to load the parent model by dragging the appropriate data model from the UI Designer and querying by persistence_id using the child's parent_persistence_id attribute, but this attribute does not seem to load in the UI Designer, even though I have confirmed it exists by browsing data on the H2 database. The model's relationship is set as congregation because setting it as aggregation seems to generate a bug when it comes to creating the contract for the parent model and the child models. They are also set to always load related objects

Any help would be appreciated

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HI Miguel,

Could you please post your bdm and a simple page that shows what you plan to do. I not clearly understand what are your issues

Thanks in advance


Submitted by miguel.aguilera... on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 19:03

Hi Pablo,

Here is a link to an album where I share some BDM screenshots and an explanation for what I'm trying to do. I hope it helps to clear up what I'm trying to achieve.

Please let me know there's anything else I can do to further explain my objective.