How to Handle Documents using Fragments


I have a Custom Fragment where I have Multiple Text Boxes and Drop Downs. Also each row will contain a file Upload Widget. Now Using Buttons , I can add more Items to collection or Remove Items from Collection.
I am able to save the Text Data from Fragment into database but I am confused , how to handle documents this way.
I am aware of handling Documents using Containers and File Upload Widget but that is used only for Documents. In my scenario , I have other input fields and drop downs.
The Contract is defied as Complex type having multiple child attributes.
I have defied a Document at Process level but I cannot use Operation to map Document on left side and Contract on right side as Files types are not matching.
Do we need to write any custom groovy script for this purpose ? if yes, Please suggest some sample code.
Assuming we achieve this using Groovy, While Displaying the Fragment in the Next form , how do I attach the document to the fragment such that each row item will contain a Link element and upon clicking the link , we can download the documents corresponding to each row as uploaded by user.
I hope I made myself clear. Kindly let me know what would be the best way to implement a scenario like this .Please feel free to suggest any clarification if required.

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