How to hide variable?



I created a process with human task, form and xor gateway. In human task there is a form a with check box (based on boolean variable). After that human task there are 2 paths - which one is selected depends on the variable value (true or false).

Problem: the variable is displayed in every step of the process and for different actors (lanes), but I want to set variable value only in one form and don't show the variable in any other place. What should I do?


Submitted by rafael.vianna on Mon, 12/09/2013 - 13:12

Hi Filip,

When you build your form you can choose which variables will be set in it. Just do not set it in your other forms.

If you want the variable to appear blank again, the just clean the 'initial value' field in your form.

Not quite sure if this is the help you wanted or I just misunderstood you but if you need anything elese just post it.

Submitted by ttoine on Mon, 12/09/2013 - 14:58

You can also see how it work in Bonita Escape example. depending on the submit button a user choose, the path goes to a different step. let us know if it helps you

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