How i can avoid save the attached document into database?



The default behavior when user attached a document through a widget, is that it going to save the filename into database and then it will be converted to a binary file and also it going to save it into database.

In my process, approximatelly are attached 20 documents per day. As you know, when a database becomes bigger, then when we want to make some mysql queries, may take more time.My aim is to avoid that the documents that user attached will save into database. instead of this, i want to save them in a physical directory.

So, how i can do this?

Many thanks.

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Hi Claz08, I need to do that too.
I'm trying with connectors in the process diagram, but i can't make it work.
If you find the answer plis share.



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this is my question too! if you find any solution, share it until others can use it.