How i get a userTaskId?


I searched in Javadocs for a userTaskId method , and i dont find any direct method. its a value from 2 or more method calls? How i reach this value?
My objective is create a Tasks Shelf, anyone who take a task, can return it if dont wanna or simple view that task. and for that i needed a release task, the method needs userTaskId. and when take the task, another tasks became invisible until finish or return a task. using Hide Task method

Its only the userTaskId its annoying me. if you can help and/or have some advice for better coding for this program, thank you so 3 days in a row trying method combination.....


Peter Grant


Submitted by phenant on Thu, 06/02/2016 - 22:17

I was searching some bonita codes and I reach this result:

    final String userTaskName = "task1";
    final ProcessInstance processInstance = getProcessAPI().startProcess(processDefinition.getId());
    final Long userTaskId = waitForUserTask(processInstance, userTaskName);

it a way to retrieve a userTaskId? Im trying here this code. having results i reply here

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