How to integrate an overview in an eframe?



In my Custom page, I search cases availalbe in a SECOND BONITA SERVER.

Then I display the case, and I want to add a link to see the case overview. I calculate the URL (thank to the Bonita Portal URL documentation). Here is the link calculated


1/ When I copy / Paste the URL in a new tab ==> Perfect, it display the overview

2/. I created in my page a link Open in a new frame
==> Perfect, it open a new tab and display the overview

3/ I want to include this URL in a iframe

Note; the onloadIFrame recalcultate the frame size

I got a error 404

HAR is here:

I deactived on the second server the CSRF mechnanism ( so the second server should accept to display the URL, isn't?

What else can block the display?


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