How to redirect to different URL using bonita


Currently, I am looking for a Bonita server side solution to redirect to different URL.

There is a middleware(web) developed by our company. As a requirement, I need to call this middleware from my app. Then based on the response of that, I need to redirect to application home page.

How can I achieve this using Bonita?
Can I do this using REST API extension(Like in JPS redirect)?

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I would simply create an AJAX agent that handles this for you, you can then call this as necessary to feedback the information you need.

Your biggest problem I suppose is does your home-grown middleware have the necessary API's to allow this type of interaction? If not then you will have to modify that first.


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Hello @hirantha.ranasinghe,

Could please give us more information about your scenario?

Do you call "app" as your process? Is "application home page" your Bonita Application?

Which version of Bonita are you trying?

Marcos Vinícius Pinto


Submitted by hirantha.ranasinghe on Thu, 11/10/2016 - 22:41

Bonita Version 7.2.4

Yes, "app" means my Bonita Process.

"Application Home Page" new application page added to bonita.