how to run bonita studio eclipse


Hi team,
i download (bonita studio source code)
i imported bonita studio eclipse came source code,but more then 70 project imported and errors coming ,
which jar files download then out to run

plz give me suggestion


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On your Linux Machine...does NOT work on Windows

Run the script as mentioned by @reza to download and build a copy of the system

Install Eclipse EE
Add necessary parts (do a full update, GIT, NodeJS etc.)
Create a new Project
Then simply do an Import Maven Project (pom.xml) file for EACH of the routines.

for example, from the script file:

  1. # Note: Checkout folder of bonita-engine project need to be named community.
  2. # FIXME: allow to skip test build. Currently test build generate bonita-server-test-utils required by bonita-web.
  3. git clone --branch $BONITA_BPM_VERSION --single-branch community
  4. mvn clean install -DskipTests -f community/pom.xml
  6. git clone --branch $BONITA_BPM_VERSION --single-branch
  7. mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true -f bonita-userfilters/pom.xml
  9. # Version defined in each connectors pom.xml (see below) as this artifact is the parent of each connectors
  10. git clone --branch bonita-connectors-1.0.0 --single-branch
  11. mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true -f bonita-connectors/pom.xml

import community/pom.xml
import bonita-userfilters/pom.xml
import bonita-connectors/pom.xml

should bring in the respective projects, then do all the rest.

NOTE: Building the software should always follow the defined scripts because there are continuous dependencies involved.


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Dear Ramalingaiah,
In order to build bonita studio project, You can use maven 3.3.9 on the command line like bonita build script 7.4.1 in Github. But I don't know how to import it to Eclipse.