How to run call processes with a list?


Hello everybody,

I am a beginner on Bonita and I have to create a process that will create and launch other processes (call activity). My parent process contains a business variable which has 3 fields:
-"MasterMO" (it is a reference)
-"ChildMOs" This list "ChildMOs" type is "ChildMO" which is another "multiple" business data which contain


For each PanelName of the list I want to launch a child process that takes the information "MORef" and "PanelName" on a form and then make the user enter new fields of this form.

Today I use a call activity in Parallel multi-instantiation with as input list "masterMOList". But when I run the process, it comes directly classified as archieved cases without calling the child process. I don't know how to fix this problem.

As I am a beginner I get confused and everything becomes very complicated quickly.
Do you know the best way to make my Bonita process work please?

Thank you very much in advance.

(here you can find my .bos file: )

Emile R.

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