How to run the sample data initialization process from the "procurement" example?


I am trying to setup the example process (e.g. Procurement) and Step #5 from the Installation instructions is quite vague. Please help.

  1. Download the application bundle (see releases section at the bottom of this page)
  2. Extract the bundle to a temporary folder
  3. Import the .bos file in your Bonita BPM Studio (it contains 3 processes: Procurement request, Init sample procurement data and Create supplier)
  4. Deploy all 3 processes (click on Run in a Studio but do not complete the forms)
  5. Run the sample data initialization process once and remove it from the Portal
  6. In the Portal, as an administrator, go to 'Resources' and add the 2 custom pages .zip files. You can read more about custom pages here.


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