How to set the Select widget Initial value from BDM object


I want to use business data to set the initial value of Select widget.

I will explain what I would like to achieve.
In the previous task, I get the value of the Select from user and set this data in business data object, and then use this value for the Select widget's initial value in the next task, so the user does not have to select, but still be able to change the value of select if it is necessary (the actor groups in this 2 tasks are different, so this 2 user should be different person).

I use the 'formInput' json variable for the value of the Select widget, and another json variable for the display and key values of the select.

I tried to use javascript for the value, but it won't work.

Is there any tip for this issue?
Thank you.

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This one is the BEST answer!

It is not currently possible to select the initial selected value in the default select widget.

The only way currently to do this is create your own Custom Select Widget.

You could request this as a update to the suite by creating an Idea on the Ideas forum and then Bonitasoft will consider implementing it accordingly,


PS: While I understand this may not be the answer you're hoping for, it does indicate a possible route to the solution, please mark as resolved.


Hi Zibek8,

of course you can do what you said before... only have to consume the API REST avaible in the documentation site, i've done this several times, indeed, there's an example of "Vacation Request" when you printe some BDO elements in the UI from a Page or Form.