How should I proceed to install a BDM in a Bonita cluster?



I have set up a Bonita cluster with 2 nodes.

How should I install/update my BDM?

  • Are there any specific steps I must follow?
    (as opposed to installing/updating it in a single-node deployment)
  • If I install it in one of the nodes following the BDM deployment instructions, will it be automatically available straight-away in the other node?
    (for instance, will I be able to deploy and enable a new process requiring the newly deployed business objects in the other node, without the portal forbidding me to do so because of those required objects being missing?)

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This one is the BEST answer!

Hi Unai,

There is nothing specific to do in a cluster environment.

When the BDM is installed / updated in a cluster environment, 2 things occur:

  • The BDM database is updated to reflect the model changes. As the database is common for all nodes, there is nothing specific to do in a cluster environment
  • The Java classes that map the new model are created / updated and loaded in the JVM classloader (at tenant level). This triggers the refreshing of the tenant classloader of all nodes of the cluster AUTOMATICALLY.

With that is mind, the new BDM is fully available and deploying on a different node a process that makes usage of the new Business Data Model will be available straight away.

Hope this helps