How to show attribute value of bdm saved in previous task, I made a task where I load information in a field A and field B and I need the next task to show me the value of field A in read-only, allowing me to modify the value from Field B and place a text


Cómo mostrar el valor de atributo de bdm guardado en la tarea anterior, realicé una tarea en la que cargo información en un campo A y un campo B y necesito la siguiente tarea para mostrarme el valor del campo A en solo lectura, lo que me permite modificar el valor del campo B y coloque un texto.

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Gracias, Julien, lo probaré


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Normally you can easily generate an example,

step by step:

  1. first you need to have the BDM object with "field A" and "field B" (for this example "BusinessObject")
  2. In your process you need to add a Business Variable to your process: [Bottom tab Data > tab Pool Variables],(for this example name="myObject" type="BusinessObject")
  3. Then for task1, add a contract input: [Bottom tab Execution > tab Contract], by clicking on "Add from Data", and select your Business Variable "myObject" (for this example contract input name="myObjectInput1")
  4. Then create a Form for this task 2, go to the [Bottom tab Execution > tab Form], and just click on the pencil near the target form field, this will automatically create the form you need.
  5. Do again the step 3 and 4 for the task 2.
  6. then Edit the generated form for task 2, to just set the "field A" as Read Only using UI Designer.

hope this helps,