How to simulate a "draft" task



I need to know if it's possible to simulate a "draft" task, I mean: I have a process like this:

- an istantiation form is populated by a user (human task)
- usually the second task is another human task where another user (different actor) approve or not the previous submitted data

Now the change that I want to made is to add a "draft" checkbox in the istantiation form in order to keep that data "pending" and visible only to the Initiator user (until he uncheck the "draft" input).

At the moment I can:
- submit the istantiation form data as "draft" (draft checkbox checked)
- edit the form with the same user

but after the first update (keeping data as "draft") the loop stops and I can't edit the form a second time.

This is my Diagram:​​​​​​​

Is it conceptually correct?

I'm using Bonita Studio 7.10.3



Submitted by danila.mazour_2 on Mon, 03/30/2020 - 16:37

1) It is conceptually correct. aka that's how you are supposed to do it.
2) There is only so much that can be guessed from your image about what you are doing wrong. A .bos file will be most helpful here.
What's the "draft checkbox" programmatically speaking? A business variable? A process variable ? How is it set? What are the conditions on the transitions from the gateway? etc.

Submitted by yuri.redaelli_1... on Tue, 03/31/2020 - 09:44

Thanks for your answer but finally I did it.

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