How to throw message from boundary condition in 6.2


Hi All,

Step 1. I have created a manual task and added boundary condition on that task. Step 2. I have put some validation on the form and if doesn't satisfies I and throwing exception using below code. throw new ConnectorValidationException("XYZ Message"); Step 3. When exception is raised than I am calling another manual task. Step 4. When I reach to the manual task triggered by boundary condition, I want to display that message in a label on that manual task.

I was able to achieve all the steps, but he only thing is that I am not able to display that message. I don't know how to catch this message, I tried to assign variable and grab it's value in the target manual task but I didn't get updated value.

Can any body please help me with this problem ?

Thanks in advance Akhilesh


Submitted by aurelien.pupier on Mon, 04/28/2014 - 13:40


When you say that you put some validation, are you using "Form validator"? Or are you doing a validation in a connector after the submission of the form? From what I understand it is the second case, why not using the Form validators?


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